Kyungyong Lee is an assitant professor in the College of Computer Science at Kookmin University. His current research topic covers big data platforms, large-sclae distributed computing resource manangement, cloud computing, and peer-to-peer systems.


He received the Ph. D. degree in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida. At UF, he conducted research about efficient distributed computing resource management with his advisor Dr. Renato Figueiredo in the ACIS lab. Before joining UF, he received B.S. degree from Sungkyunkwan University.

Industry Experiences

Kyungyong has few industry experiecnes as a software development engineer and researcher.

  • Amazon (Web Services). Seattle. WA. USA. (2014 ~ 2016) Software Development Engineer
    • In a team of building a next generation deep learning-based product recommendation platform for Amazon e-commerce site
    • In a team of building a scalable and fault-tolerant web server framework.
  • Hewlett Packard (HP) Labs. Palo Alto. CA. USA (2012 ~ 2014) Research Associate Intern
    • distributedR: A package that enables large-scale machine learning using R.
    • Interference and priority-aware multiple parallel application scheduling
  • Samsung Electronics. Suwon. Korea (2004 ~ 2008) Software Development Engineer
    • Developing UPNA/DLNA applications


  • ABC2: Autonomic BigData Cloud Computing
    • Build an autonomic cloud computing service that abstracts complex infrastructure configurations
    • Providing an optimal kernel layer to utilize in a wide range of big-data processing applications
  • Using cloud computing service to build cost-efficient and scalable big-data analytics platform
    • DeepSpotCloud - Utilizing EC2 GPU spot instances to build cost-efficient deep learning framework
  • Efficient and fault-tolerant big data analytics platform pipeline
    • Task scheduling considering device heterogeneity (many core devices and GPU) and data locality
    • Unified views of diverse processing frameworks
    • Version-control of experiments with diverse parameters


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Kyungyong Lee
College of Computer Science
Kookmin University
614 Dorm. B.
Jeongneung-ro 77.
Seongbuk-gu. Seoul. 02707
phone: 82-2-910-4420
e-mail: I don'tleekySo@pleasekookminleave.meacalone.!kr